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Agata Zalecka is a professional actress (Drama Actor Diploma). She begun her career as a teenager in Theater Buffo in musical “Metro”.


She plays in movies (Rewers, Sluzby Specjalne), TV series (Miasto skarbow, Na Wspolnej, Motyw), theater performances (Teatr Komedia, Teatr Capitol, Teatr Fabryka Marzen), cabarets (Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju) and internationals commercials.


She works in dubbing. She sing actress song. Agata released her first single in 2019.


During spare time she travels around the world. Meeting new people, their behaviors and exploring new places allows her to develop continuously. Speaking in foreign languages (English fluent, Italian, Portuguese basics, Russian basics, German basics) helps her at work. Agata likes adrenaline.


She’s a passionate licensed diver (Dive Master, Deep Diver, Nitrox Diver). She loves to ski and ride a motorcycle. Thanks to passion to motorsports she won several awards in competitions for the actress.


She is a painter. Her paintings are available at auctions of contemporary art. She is like a wind as it is difficult to stop her. 




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